broken door’s rubber seals

(insert c320 model of me)

I got problem with my door’s rubber seals. My left behind door. The rubber seal pins that hold it to the door were broken, piece by piece. The door can be closed with no problem. But the black rubber seal is not aligned nicely. It needs to be replaced.

When my master checked with the mercedes benz’s spare part shop last month.  They told my master,

it costs four hundred ringgit!

only for the rubber seal.


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not me

(insert wrb 1698)

My master seldom drove me to his office.

The above picture is another sibling who looks like me, but the front logo is much larger.


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another gloomy day

(insert masriah tuminah parit abas)

The above picture was taken while I was visiting my master’s auntie home in Parit Abas, Rengit.

Actually, I was not being driven for a couple of weeks. I was left sleeping inside my master’s home porch. It’s been a normal now.

But last week, my master’s other car, honda city was being crashed by his son at a shopping mall. Currently the car is being repaired.

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cannot start c200k

(insert business hours)

Since last few weeks, my master couldn’t start me. It’s been cases before where my master tried to restart me even after he drove me around the town. But after few trials, my engine started as usual.

But this morning was the worst. My master couldn’t start me at all. Although my radio could be switched-on, my air-con was working, my warning lights on the dashboard were also available like usual. He called the 24hour service center and they came over. The serviceman said because of the relay switch was not functioning anymore. After changing the other relay switch, I can be started again. My master drove me to the service center and to check by using their computer system to ensure that everything else is working fine. The problem costed him RM321, including my new relay switch is RM94.

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(insert new road tax)

After renewing my roadtax and insurance for two weeks, my master finally went up to the post office in Ampang Park. My master got his roadtax rebate from the commanding government for RM625 yesterday.  It’s a straight forward procedure and everyone knows how to apply for it by now.

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brake pads replacement

(insert brake pad)

Yesterday, after having breakfast, my master sent me again to the NZ Wheels service center. My master planned to change my brake pads. My master also wanted to do a normal service on me, but the foreman told him that I still have eleven thousand mileage to be spared before the next service required. So, my master agreed to change my brake pad and brake discs on my front wheels as well. The replacement costed him RM1500 today.

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